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Sound Dental Lab, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Sound Dental Lab, llc.
2310 Main St Bridgeport, CT 06606    (203) 384-1559  email

Sound Dental Lab, Bridgeport, CT
Sound Dental Lab, Bridgeport, CT

Sound Dental Lab strives to be readily available for all your needs.

Sound Dental Lab, Bridgeport, CTYou can reach Sound Dental Lab, llc.
by telephone at  (203) 384-1559.
     by email at  sounddental@att.net
     by Fax (203) 368-2053

Sound Dental Lab is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

We welcome inquiries from new clients. Click for an emailed pricelist. Thank you.

Our Vision – To become a recognized leader in our industry, creating and maintaining a sustainable and profitable business that produces quality products and services to our valued business partners and customers.  We will do all of this while maintaining a positive and nurturing environment which contributes to our associates and business partners quality of life.

~ Lava Crowns
~ Zirconia Crowns
~ Pressable Ceramics
~ Veneers
~ Butt Margins
~ Full Casts
~ Gold, Noble, NP
~ Implants
~ Temporaries

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